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/ Experience critical decisions impacting your team's ability to perform and innovate


Through the most unique, authentic and inspiring expedition simulation experience possible, we teach High Performance Business Teams how to make crucial decisions so they can achieve powerful goals and work more effectively together. This is aimed at teams under pressure to perform, where the consequences of failure are high.

For groups of 5-1000+, this highly-interactive workshop uses experiential learning to take you through Grant's world-first expedition to travel from Singapore to New Zealand by human power and experience making the key decisions under pressure throughout the journey.


The scenarios in INTO THE UNKNOWN are real and dramatically presented through professionally shot and produced short films. The outcomes are based on actual events. Your teams will leave the workshop having experienced one of the most incredible journeys of their lives, feeling inspired to work together and having learnt so much about themselves and their team-mates in a way they have never before experienced, but more importantly take away practical, valuable tools which they can apply immediately to increase their performance! 


/ Experience critical decisions impacting your team's ability to navigate complexity


Through a simulated Mt. Everest expedition experience, we teach High Performance Business Teams how to make crucial decisions that impact their ability to thrive in uncertain, complex environments and work more effectively together. 


For groups from 5 to 1000+, FOR THOSE WHO DARE immerses your team into Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson's real-life expeditions to climb the treacherous North Ridge of Mt Everest.  You are forced to make the key decisions along the journey, with each decision teaching a key strategic learning theme.  


Authentic, unique and exciting, all scenario's are dramatically presented through professionally produced video. The outcomes are based on real-world events on multiple expeditions, which  reinforce the learning in a way your team has never before experienced!  Are you ready?



“A world-class experience and Axe taught me more practical take-home value in three hours than three weeks at business school” – ALLEGIS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS

“I’ve worked in food companies for 40+ years and at Kraft Heinz for 20+ and never saw anything like that. Probably the best session in my whole professional life” - KRAFT HEINZ

“You know the session works when two months later you are still using the techniques he coached you on. His sessions are innovative, thought-provoking and most importantly our teams had a lot of fun exploring the unknown with him” – SPOTIFY

"For our team it gave us the opportunity to share, reflect, challenge our individual thinking and go back to work together with more openness for other views and appreciate diverse thinking."


"His content is immersive and his authentic, engaging style draws maximum attention and participation; crucial elements for the successful outcome of any business capability enhancement program."   – ABBOTT NUTRITION

"A great job of emotionally engaging participants behind a common goal. They were able to build on key behaviours that will help drive success at HP Inc . A valuable and impactful experience for my leadership team" – HP INC.

“A brilliant program for our team, inspiring us to think bigger, be bolder and take on large goals, our team is revitalised thanks to his session” – MICROSOFT

"He doesn't put the focus on "do the impossible" but instead talks about the leadership, decision making and working styles that make high performance possible.” - DATABRICKS

“Simply game changing” - S&P GLOBAL

"He managed to achieve a very high level of interaction with close to 1,000 people over 2 hrs. And the audience feedback to me was awesome” - HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISES


"Extremely relevant to the challenges faced in the corporate environment daily. This is what made him and his content stand out” - VODAFONE


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