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Team Decision Making




Interactive decision making workshops for teams 

Our workshops are world class, completely unique, experiential learning adventures!  We  take your team on the journey of a lifetime where you experience how to work together more effectively to make the critical decisions to achieve powerful goals, lead your fields and become stronger in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, where the consequences of failure are high!


For teams who need to thrive in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environments.

'FOR THOSE WHO DARE' - Introduction


For teams who need to develop the Explorer's Mindset and drive innovation and change.


For teams who need to achieve more with less


For teams who need to make more effective decisions together in a complex world.

'INTO THE UNKNOWN' - Introduction

Aimed at teams under pressure to perform, where the consequences of failure are high, our workshops run in conference, workshop style, face to face or virtual settings for groups from 6 - 1,300+.


Utilising experiential learning we bring your teams through Axe's world-first, human-powered expeditions where you and your teams make critical decisions, experience the outcomes and reflect on the learning.

'FROM PEAK TO PEAK' - Introduction

Download our  workshop brochures here
Motivational Speaker Singapore - Grant Rawlinson - Powerful Human
Motivational Speaker Singapore - Grant Rawlinson - Powerful Human
Motivational Speaker Singapore - Grant Rawlinson - Powerful Human
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“A world-class experience and Axe taught me more practical take-home value in three hours than three weeks at business school” – ALLEGIS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS

“I’ve worked in food companies for 40+ years and at Kraft Heinz for 20+ and never saw anything like that. Probably the best session in my whole professional life” - KRAFT HEINZ

“You know the session works when two months later you are still using the techniques he coached you on. His sessions are innovative, thought-provoking and most importantly our teams had a lot of fun exploring the unknown with him” – SPOTIFY

"The most memorable and inspiring training session I have ever had the pleasure of participating in"


"This is the most impactful event I have ever attended"   – WORKDAY

"A great job of emotionally engaging participants behind a common goal." – HP INC.

“A brilliant program for our team, inspiring us to think bigger, be bolder and take on large goals, our team is revitalised thanks to his session” – MICROSOFT

"He doesn't put the focus on "do the impossible" but instead talks about the leadership, decision making and working styles that make high performance possible.” - DATABRICKS

“Simply game changing” - S&P GLOBAL

"A truly world class session" - DOMO

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