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World class Belbin® Team


We looked long and hard at the different team profiling and assessment tools on the market before settling on Belbin®. So why did we choose Belbin®?

Because Belbin® is extremely well aligned with our own team development and decision-making programs.  The Belbin system is based on nine years of research on teams conducted at the Henley Business School. The findings were that high intellect teams were often outperformed by teams of lower intellect. And the reason for this is that intellect is not the driving factor of a teams performance but balance. Balance of the different skill sets that different people bring to the team.

We integrate Belbin® into our learning journeys, and it is a powerful tool to help put some science to the process of the team building.


Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson is a certified Belbin® Team Profiling facilitator.

Axe's Belbin Accreditation here
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