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Meetings, Leadership & Team Development


Tired of sitting in the office? If you are based in Singapore then let us get you and your team into the great outdoors!  We love taking teams exploring some of the amazing spots around Singapore that few people ever experience (using our own human power of course!). 

We are NOT a mass participation team building organisation where we get your entire workforce to play some games on the beach.  Our programmes are aimed at smaller teams of six or less people, mid to senior level in rank and looking for a unique and powerful bonding, networking, meeting or development experience in the outdoors together.

Download program brochures here
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Our most popular outdoor activity! This runs on a weekly basis and we take your team to the Southern Islands of Singapore for a beautiful sunrise kayak and a facilitated meeting on the beach with coffee!

The Human-Powered Team Challenge is a unique leadership program combining personal development and physical fitness with world-class leadership and team assessments designed to take your leadership and team decision-making effectiveness to the next level, whilst having an enormous amount of fun

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"I have been conducting team events in Singapore for 30 years and this is the best team development idea I have seen for a very long time" - Dr Philip Merry

“a unique learning experience, where I was challenged at all levels to develop my leadership skills and personal development” – Sara Romina Luculano

“Impactful learning moments each day, whilst providing a physically challenging and fun teamwork environment” - Victoria Great

“Inspiring, challenging and extremely fun time where limits were overcome" – Omar Hadoui

“Truly inspirational and I now strongly believe that there are no greater materials for learning than pushing your boundaries and going on an adventure – Mael Plougastel

"Totally a one of a kind experience which has been a huge privilege to be part of!" - Montse Castells

"This is an invaluable leadership and team development tool and I couldn't recommend it enough to teams that want to push their performance to the next level!" - Nick Coats

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