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Are you carrying too much water?

Cycling across Australia I had critical daily decisions to make about water.

From the information I had on my maps, often where it was marked the position of a water tank, when I arrived they would be dry or undrinkable.

My two choices were to carry a lot of water, which added to my overall weight and slowed me down even further from the very slow pace of 7-10km/hr (due to consistent headwinds).

Or go the opposite way. Go light and faster. Blast out huge distances between water stops as quickly as possible, often riding all night when the winds died down. But carry just a few litres.

The go light, go fast principle, even though it felt very committing at the time worked very effectively. From a mental perspective, it gave me so much focus and determination to succeed I would ride for hours with out stopping.

Are you carrying too much proverbial ‘water’ in your organisation? Too much water whilst giving the illusion of safety can slow you down, make you cumbersome and affect the motivation and drive of your people.

What to do?

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