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Join our Human Powered Team Challenge!

The restrictions of COVID have made it so tough for teams to spend quality time together, build trust and drive collaboration.

So together with our favorite business partner Explore Performance, we developed the 5 day, Singapore Human Powered Team Challenge and took the inaugural team through the program last month.

Over five days, the team was tested to their limits, completing a 70km cycle across Singapore, 14km peak-to-peak run, a 36km coast-to-coast odyssey, a 1km swim around an island and a 16km mangrove kayak.

There were challenges along the way such as dealing with different levels of fitness, equipment failures, #risk management and communications breakdowns. But guided by a common pre-agreed team #purpose and set of core #values, the #team were able to overcome the challenges and quickly develop a highly aligned and #empowered decision making #culture which saw them overcome obstacles together that would have defeated them as individuals.

Each activity was debriefed and reflections shared on how the team could change to further improve and grow stronger together. On the final day each team member was appraised by fellow team mates, sharing their strengths and insights observed throughout the week.

“We set out to bring together a group of individuals who didn’t know each other and develop a high-performing team in the space of five days. What we managed to achieve in those five days was incredible and something that many corporate teams struggle to achieve in months or even years. This kind of activity is perfectly suited to a newly formed leadership team or teams that are under pressure to perform in complex environments and need to develop highly aligned, deep trust and high performance cultures swiftly and effectively. Of course it was also a great deal of fun with memories to last a lifetime.”

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