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Being 'ANTI-FRAGILE'​ - The secret to the world’s most powerful humans

Updated: May 15, 2020

In round two of the final boxing fight of my career,

I got hit hard in the face.

My nose started pouring blood

The crowd went wild,

I could hardly see as the tears and sweat blinded me.

I only just made it through to the end of the round

And back in the safety of my corner, in those precious few seconds rest

I recovered just enough

To get back up and hold on for round 3.

As the final bell rung

I was bloodied and beaten

What got me through that fight was # resilience

But I have never fought again.

Contrast this experience to my three attempts to row the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand in the last 3 years.

Through storms, shark infested waters, multiple capsizes and wild scary seas

I have travelled 3,400km in my rowing boat

But each exhausting, terrifying attempt has ended back on the shores of Australia in failure

But rather than ending my human-powered exploration career

I have got stronger mentally, physically and with my processes and systems with each attempt

I have learnt so much each time

And I cannot wait to make my fourth attempt as soon as my new boat and preparations are ready

This is not about being resilient - this is about being ‘anti-fragile’.

For me ‘resilience’ is a short-term fix to get through tough times.

Whilst anti-fragility is a long term mindset to success.

The world's most powerful humans are not the most resilient.

They are the most anti-fragile.

Whilst resilience maybe on the forefront of many of our minds at this time. 

I encourage you to not just think how many punches to the face you can take and still be standing.

But how you can adapt an ‘anti-fragile’ mindset and emerge stronger through this adversity and change.

If you would like to reach out and discuss how you or your teams can become 'anti-fragile' contact me at

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