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Get out of the office!

We need to get out of the office to focus on the office!

My keynote speaking and workshops deliberately take teams on emotional and mental journeys far AWAY from their normal environments. For the reason of allowing them to focus BACK on their environments!

Stepping outside our normal working parameters allows our brain to operate on a different level and come up with those magical ideas called ‘insights’.

Neuroscience shows us that three key factors greatly facilitate our ability to develop insights and solve complex problems:

1. We are not focussed completely on the problem itself

2. We are in a slightly ‘toward’ state, not overly happy or over stimulated but just over the halfway mark in terms of being in a good mood

3. Our environment - being separated physically from the problem, in an environment which has natural lighting, where you feel secure and at peace can greatly help

I recently spent three beautiful hours on Piha beach in New Zealand and developed two wonderful insights into ideas to drive my business forward.

Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson
Focussing on the business at Piha Beach in New Zealand

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