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Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson attains ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation

I made a conscious decision at the start of 2018 to make some big changes to my life, not because I was unhappy but because I felt I had become far too comfortable where I was. I felt at the age of 44 I have so much more in life I want to achieve and my current 'comfortable direction' was not taking me there.

I made the following changes:

- Stopped drinking alcohol completely

- Started taking public transport and using my push scooter 90% of the time

- Stopped using single use plastic as much as I can

- Started flossing my teeth

- Started intermittent fasting

- Left the corporate world and started my own business

- Made a conscious decision to use my skills and experience to help other people

- Deleted facebook from my phone

This month I received my coaching accreditation from ICF. 

I have coached over 35 people this year on a wide range of topics. Some of my most fulfilling have been around:

- Overcoming massive setbacks and moving ahead positively

- Clarifying our life purpose and direction

- Communicating more professionally and positively

- Creating inspiring, measurable and attainable business and life plans

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