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Motivational Speaking to Schools in Singapore

This previous weekend I gave the keynote address to the OFFSEA'S 2018 conference at Tanglin School in Singapore. Over 90 teachers, consultants and service providers to the outdoor education industry from across Asia came together to discuss ways to move forward. The topic for the conference was none other than 'Human Power'!

I delivered an interactive 60 minute session where I combined elements of my 'decision making' workshop with my keynote address. I had the audience make critical decisions and give justifications about real scenario's I face during my expeditions.

I also shared the 5 key traits of successful explorers. These are the key traits that have helped me achieve powerful goals in the world of extreme adventure for 20 years.

The result was a 60 minute session that flew by, with some great praise and feedback from the audience. Speaking to teachers and students is always a privilege and their energy, enthusiasm and explorative mindsets are contagious. The future of our civilisation lies in the hands of our children and I am proud to do my part to encourage every person I can to get into the outdoors as much as possible. It's only by getting to know something intimately that we can fall in love and want to protect it.

Motivational speaking to schools in singapore, Singapore motivational speaker for schools
Giving the keynote address at the OFFSEA's conference at Tanglin School, Singapore

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